A message from Bishop Given

A video of Bishop Given surveying progress on the building work January 2021
Every pastor commits to helping with the construction of the new Cathedral
The newly ordained clergy and their families visit the Cathedral building on 11 July 20221
Visit from Canon Mbisi, Evangelism Coordinator, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Dodoma

CathedralFront elevation
Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We ask our friends to consider prayfully whether you might contribute any amount towards the building of our new Cathedral.

We have lived for twenty years without a proper Cathedral. The present church was built to serve as a small chapel for civic workers of whom the number was just 50 people.

In 2012 we expanded a little bit on the northern side which has caused the church leaking during rain season. This year the rainy season was very difficult for us to worship to the point to decide to build a new church. It was thought to abolish the present church but for historic purposes, I did not agree.  Instead after receiving some funding from the Diocese of East Tennesse without any restriction, I decided to start build a new Cathedral. It may take one year or two years or three years or even ten years but we have taken a step of faith.

We need faith, otherwise we will get discouraged when we see the plans and the cost of Tshs 528 million, but to God all things are possible. Nothing is impossible as it is God's own work. He will not fail us. I know even my people in Kondoa are worried for the Bishop starting this big job. They are asking whether really we will make it. 

This will be a legacy which will live for generations to come.

Since 2012, our first phase of five years of mission was emphasis on evangelism, church planting. Establishing churches. Getting people into the church as we knew the church is not buildings but the people. In those years we were able to encourage and support church buildings where people could meet and worship. And we have managed to build almost 27 new church buildings. We want to thank all our friends who walked alongside us in this mission journey.

The Anglican Church in Kondoa is now highly respected because of the work done. And you have given us this honour in Kondoa.  In most villages we now have a mark of our presence.  I know we need to meet our target of 30 new buildings and we hope the remaining three will be accomplished before our ten year annniversary of our mission work in Kondoa in 2022. Please pray for our vision to be fulfilled.
Thank for your love and support for Kondoa. Everyone has done her or his part to support God's mission in Kondoa. Your love, generous heart, compassion and kind hearts have given us this possibility. Thank for sharing the gospel with us in this way.

To donate, please contact Bishop Given: gmgaula@gmail.com.  If you are in the UK, please contact Canon Sue Chalkley: kondoa.cdsg@gmail.com.