Commitment from every pastor

 Pastors and spouses retreat JaA Diocesan retreat was held on 14th and 15th January 2021 for pastors and their spouses.

The Bishop says:

The retreat went very well and was attended by 135 people. I was very encouraged with commitment all of them made for the strategy planning works that God is calling us to do this year.

The most exciting was the Cathedral Building. All of them said it will give us the credit of our being. It will mark the presence of Anglican Church in the Town. Every leader committed to give Tsh 30000 to buy bricks. One brick costs Tsh 1400. We need 8000 bricks. They will give 10,000 every month in three months time.

During the two days, all thanked God for the good rains and prayed for a good harvest next year.