Kondoa Diocesan Synod August 2015 

The purpose of the Synod is to bring lay people and pastors together to review the work of the Diocese for the past three years and plan for the following three years.
Bishop Gaula was very pleased with this Synod, which brought together all the pastors and catechists from across the Diocese, many travelling in long journeys from their villages at a time when food was scarce.  He was particularly appreciative of the loving and respectful way with which everyone listened to each other’s contributions and worked to build the future of the Anglican church in Kondoa District.
The most significant decision reached was to allow the ordination of women as priests and for female priests ordained elsewhere to preside at Eucharist services in the Diocese. There was a really good debate but in the end the Synod agreed that Jesus created all ‘men’ equal and that, not only was this correct according to His teaching but also a powerful witness for Christ in an area where women are traditionally viewed as second class citizens.  There are already women in theological training, so we hope that it will not be too long before we are able to celebrate the ordination of a women priest. 
Rev’d Lilian Gaula is of course ordained so she will be a great encouragement too other women in the Diocese.
We are also very pleased to announce that Lazaro Sigidya and Rev’ds Mzuri, Masambi and Moleli have become Canons.
Newly appointed Area Deans are:

  • Rev’d Chizenga for Chemba Deanery
  • Rev’d Bila for Itolwa Deanery and
  • John Sinda for Mwairange Deanery.
  • Julius Kaka as the sub-dean of the Cathedral and Area Dean of Kondoa Mjini.

Other news is that Mzuri and Madinda are now studying at Msalato for a year.  Tito has returned to Chemba as pastor and is also in charge of youth. 

Tumshukuru Mungu kwa uaminifu mkubwa wake.