New Year's message from Bishop Given

The National Service for Christmas Eve broadcast across Tanzania from Kondoa Cathedral

Christmas eve Cathedral
To our dearest Friends

Warmest Christian greetings and peace as we continue to celebrate the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! God to become one of us in the person of Jesus Christ through the womb of Mary is the most incredible gift ever could be given to the world! God so loved the world and gave his only begotten son to be the Saviour of the world! We are now one family of God scattered throughout the world. 

Dear friends, I am writing to you to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2022. Here in Kondoa we enter the new year with great thankful heart for what God has done in this historical year.  2021 will be remembered forever in this Diocese! 

Many things to remember but particularly to mention two of many things:

  • The big outreach that has turned upside down the Diocese. So many people have come to faith than any other time. We know now we are approaching 25,000 Anglican Christians in Kondoa scattered in 127 congregations in 43 Parishes served by 67 priests! Lilian and I as we look back we see God's divine purpose for us to be in Kondoa at this very time in our historical lives. From around 7,000 Christians to 25,000 it must be God! From 77 congregations to 125, from 21 priests to 67 priests! It is a sign of growth. We did not have a priest with a degree now we have three and one in progress! And we have six diplomas and about 57% now have Theology knowledge so that they can preach and teach the word of God effectively! They are able to explain the truth of the gospel the majority Muslims in Kondoa! I take this opportunity to thank all of you whom you have a heart for the word of God and you have supported our Bible College sacrificially so as to build a strong future church in Kondoa build on the foundation of the Word of God! Since as we grow we are challenged to form indigenous  men and women for the ministry in the church. These young people are the one who will take the church to next generations. Nine years ago we did not have a school but now we have a very good school of St Peter and Paul. There now 150 students whose their lives are being transformed. Chemba Education Center on progress. Thank all of you who have given us this possibility of having a school in the Town of Kondoa.
  • Secondly; 2021 will be remembered for the first time in Kondoa God has blessed us with a Cathedral, after worshiping in a small Chapel many years we now have a Church building in the town of Kondoa. Many Christians from various denominations in Kondoa have told me that the Cathedral of St Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles stands as a witness of Christian presence in Kondoa. It is a big mark of our Christianity in the town of Kondoa. Indeed the building bears witness of Christ's present in the town of Kondoa. It was great to hold the National Service of Christmas Eve this year. I preached with great courage I addressed the nation with confidence and it was  broadcasted widely!  I gave a prophetic sermon and my address to national was clear and has caused a big debate in the country regarding our constitution amendment. It was great honor to have the service at our new Cathedral. We thank those who have enabled us to have the building. I particularly want to give a sincere heart felt of highest appreciation from my inner heart to the Ruxtons who have given 75% of (this huge) building cost. They have given sacrificially to give a mark of Christian witness and presence for the generations to come in Kondoa! 

Thirdly 2021 will be remembered for those who departed this world because of Covid19. Some have been very close friends of mine. I know will meet again in the eternal glory.

Dear friends as we start a new year 2023. May you kindly continue to pray for us. Currently we are facing a big challenge of drought in the country especially in Kondoa. It is almost January and no rain has come. Most people are worried! Food cost has come up last week a tin of corn maize was being sold 6000 now as for today it has doubled! And business people have started hiding the maize for the purpose of raising the price! Life has just changed and we don't know how it will be in the next two weeks if the rain will not come! Please pray for the rain to come as for us rain is Life!  No rain no Life!  

Lastly I am inviting you to come to join us in thanking God for what he has done for us in the last ten years. You have been part of our journey! We could not achieve what we have achieved without the support of our friends. You have walked along side us in so many ways! History will tell. Please do come and celebrate with us on June 5, 2022

Pass our LOVE to all our friends.