Mpendo Parish 

The Pastor is the Reverend Canon Johnson Kayongoya.

Enquiries concerning baptism, marriages, funerals and Sunday Services should be addressed to the Pastor.

Any correspondence should be addressed to 

Kanisa la Anglican 
Mpendo Parish - Dinari ya Mpendo
Dayosisi ya Kondoa 
PO Box 7 

Mpendo is located on the southern edge of the Diocese of Kondoa. It is very far from Kondoa town and is actually closer to Dodoma so the land is more similar in character to Dodoma and is very flat. The population is mostly from the Wagogo and Masai tribes and Christian, primarily Anglican. The area dean, Canon Johnson Kayongoya, leads the parish of Mpendo and the church is very active. Farming and livestock rearing are the two most common economic activities and people grow maize, millet, groundnuts and sunflowers. There is also a secondary school in the parish.