Barnabas Fund

We are enormously grateful to the Barnabas Fund for its generosity and encouragement as we build strong foundations for our work in the Diocese.  The Barnabas Fund hass been a significant supporter of our work to equip pastors, evangelists and catechists for evangelism and mission in an Islamic community and in circumstances of great poverty.

The Barnabas Fund has supported the Bible College for six years from 2013 to 2019 and, in that time, nearly half of the 200 church leaders have graduated from the College.

The Bishop says; 'they are the hope of our Diocese as they go to preach and teach the gospel that transforms people's lives'.

This picture is of the ordination service in June 2019, with national and local government ministers and friends from the US and the UK present.

Ordination service 2019, with
The Barnabas Fund has also supported the Rooted in Jesus programme for its first year.  This course equips local leaders, men and women, to teach Christianity to small groups in villages and remote communities. It is particularly effective in Kondoa’s Islamic context as it provides good opportunities for discussion and exploration of our faith in a safe and non-threatening setting.  It is also valuable for discipleship within the local Maasai communities, who are wary of non-Maasai people, by training men or women from within the clan to be Group Leaders.

The picture below shows the conference that launched the programme in November 2019.  The conference faciltators are in the front row.

Conference launch Rooted in Je