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Bishop Given opened the retreat with a devotion from Nehemia chapter 4: 1-6, encouraging the Pastors and their wives to expect opposition when they live and minister in their parishes.
Bishop Given led a wonderful service at the cathedral of Kondoa, the church was full and Jesus rose into everyone's lives in a very special way!
The conference was attended by 178 church leaders: clergy and catechists.
The Bishop is organising a Diocesan day of prayer and fasting on Wednesday 11 January 2017 and asks for all to participate
Bishop Given welcomed the Bishop of Rochester, Bishop James, to the Kondoa Diocese during August 2016.
I will forever remember my journey to Tanzania, in particular Kondoa, and the warmth and generosity of its people.
A deanery seminar April 2016
Thank you from Bishop Given for your prayers, your love and your practical help at this time of hunger.
News from Bishop Given about how funds from the Diocese of Rochester were used to help in the drought
A prayer for people who are hungry
New parish link between Maziwa and St Peter's, Pembury (UK)
A new Landcruiser is purchased!
The purpose of the Synod is to bring lay people and pastors together to review the work of the Diocese for the past three years and plan for the following three years.
Overseas sponsorship can make a real difference in helping the diocese meet its vision of a healthy and vibrant diocese.
Reverend Lilian, wife of Bishop Given, took part in the Bishops' wives retreat.
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For two parishes from different parts of the world to Twin can be mutually life-changing.
Latest news on Twinning and links with Kondoa Diocese
Prayer is important to the people and clergy of Kondoa Diocese.