A historic ordination service 10 June 2018 

Ordination 100618d wide

Sunday 10 June 2018 was a historic and memorable day for the Diocese. 

For the first time, women were ordained.  The women were four of ten ordinands, who had completed their training at the Kondoa Bible College.  This is, except one, Martha, who is a member of the teaching staff at the college.

Please pray for all who will now be starting their new lives in God's service, particularly the women who will face particular challenges in Kondoa, where women are not generally considered suitable for leadership roles.  This is a powerful statement about Christianity and how we value man and women equally.
The Diocese was also delighted to welcome the Bishop of East Tennessee and others from that Diocese, which is considering whether to link formally with the Kondoa Diocese.

More pictures below:
Ordination service with BishopOrdination serviceOrdination 100618b

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