Diocese of Rochester

The Dioceses of Kondoa and Rochester have had a companion link since 2006 and the friendship is still thriving today.

Brother Bishops, Bishop Given and Bishop James

Ordination service 2019
Over the years the companionship link has grown and developed in many ways. Most importantly, we pray for each other often.  

The link is more than just Diocese to Diocese with 15 parishes linked and a number of central Diocesan projects supported.  The parish links are growing year on year and are also predominantly prayerful.  They very often provide support for church and parsonage buidlings, pastors' salaries and many other local projects. 

The central Diocesan projects supported over the years include dioecsan vehicles, salaries, the Bible College, Women's Empowerment Project, the Kindergarten, visiting lecturers and other administrative support either based in Kondoa or the UK. 

Rochester hosted Bishop Given during his sabbatical in 2018 and he visits usually at least once a year.  Bishop Given has very many good friends in the Diocese who provide help where possible and support appeals such as in recent droughts or the Covid-19 response.

Parish Companionship Links

The links are shown in the table below.  There are other links between schools and even town councils, which have grown from these parish links and have brought communities closer together in both Kondoa and Rochester.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Kondoa Cathedral linked with St Peter and Paul, Tonbridge

St James, Kidoka linked with Christchurch, Bexleyheath

St Peter’s, Itolwa linked with St John’s, Meopham

St Andrew’s, Mpendo linked with St Botolph’s, Chevening

St Mark’s, Mwaikisabe linked with St Augustine’s with St Luke’s, Bromley

The Good Samaritan, Tarkwa linked with Three Spires (Hever, Four Elms and Markbeech)

All Saints, Kikore linked with St Edmunds Church, Living Well, Temple Hill, Dartford

St James, Wekense linked with South Gillingham Parish

St Andrew’s, Bereko linked with St Andrew’s, Paddock Wood

St James, Chemba linked with St Michael and All Angels, Wilmington

St Stephen’s, Maziwa linked with St Peter’s Pembury

St Andrew’s, Rofati linked with St Justus, Rochester

Tearfund CCMP project (working in Mpendo, Sanaa, Nante, Chinyika and Hamia) linked with St James’ Tunbridge Wells

Christchurch, Chislehurst linked with Mrijo

Bishop Justus School, Chemba linked with Bishop Justus School, Bromley

Friendship tree planted in 2006 to mark the start of the link betwee St Andrew's Bereko and St Andrew's, Paddock Wood.

The tree is flourishing as is the relationship between the parishes. This picture was taken in 2018.
Friendship tree