Kidoka Parish 

The Pastor and Area Dean Reverend Ernesti Chizenga. 

Rev Ernest Chizenga of Kidoka

St Paul's church. Kidoka

Rev Ernest Chizenga at his Chu
There is a community service at Kidoka church every Tuesday and Sunday morning.  The parish includes four churches at Kidoka, Bombani, Chang'ombe and Mbago Star.  The Catechists are:

  • Kidoka   Cat. Janeth Wanga
  • Bombani   Cat. Jonas Leng'oko
  • St John, Chang'ombe   Cat. Lucy Munge
  • Mbago Star   Cat. Anthony Chuna

Below is a picture of Rev. Canon Lameck Masambi (The Diocesan Coordinator of Mission and Evangelism third from left) during his visit at Kidoka Parish.
Rev Canon Lameck Masambi The D
The church has built a kindergarten and employs two teachers in partnership with its link parish, Christchurch, Bexleyheath in the Diocese of Rochester UK.  The women of the church are making clay pots as a community project and through their work doing this, singing and worshipping, the church has seen many blessings.
Kidoka 320Kidoka church 320

Within the Kidoka parish, a church is being built by three Masai tribe families, with a small contribution from other church members. The church is visible from the tarmacked Kondoa to Dodoma road and a few kilometers from Kidoka village. The total number of worshipers now is 31.

Below are some photographs of this new church, still in construction.  The women in the front is the wife of the man leading on the construction work.  Second from the left is Diocesan General Secretary Lazaro Sigydia, and Canon Masambi.
Small Front viewSmall Gen Sec and Canon Masamb
Below is a picture of the bricks being made for a new kindergarten.
Small Bricks being prepared fo
July 2019
Johnston's visit

Below are pictures from the confirmation service in July 2019 at which 30 Christians, incluing people from local Maasai tribes.
Johnston's visit a

For enquiries concerning baptism, marriage, funerals, or Sunday Services please speak to the Pastor. Any correspondence should be addressed to:

Kanisa la Anglican 
Kidoka Parish - Dinari ya Chemba
Dayosisi ya Kondoa 
PO Box 7