New Zealand CMS has been a wonderful supporter of our Bible College since 2013, when Rev Iri and Kate Mato arrived to re-launch the College with a refreshed curriculum and energy.  Rev Iri Mato was Principal of the College and Kate worked in the College and the Women's Empowerment Project They worked hard with us and built the College to a strong position before their well earned retirement in 2015.

Rev Iri and Kate Mato

Iri and Kate

Rev Iri and Kate were succeeded by Rev Peter and Christine Akester, also missionaries from NZCMS. They knew Tanzania well having previously taught at St John's College, Dodoma.  Peter was the Principal and he and Christine   served the Bible College for three years until their retirement in 2018.  During Peter's time, the College gained national accreditation for its curriculum and standards of education, building on the strong foundations put in place by Iri and Kate.  

Rev Peter and Christine Akester

Peter and Christine Akester a