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Thank you from the Bishop

On behalf of all the clergy, catechists, evangelists and other people who received the support from our friends in Rochester, USA and New Zealand, I am also writing to express my inner heart of appreciation for the huge support we have received to safe the lives of so many people in the Diocese! Without your support I am sure so many people would have died with hunger.  We are preparing a report of how the money was used to save the lives of our pastors, catechists, evangelists and other people in great need especially at Maziwa, Sanzawa, Mpendo (where there was a report of some children dying with hunger) whose without our support would have died with hunger! The support was given without any discrimination of one's belief or tribes!

We would like to thank those friends in Rochester, New Zealand and USA who gave sacrificially in order to share what they have for the purpose of serving the lives of our people.
Bishop Given Gaula

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