St Mark's church family, Magungu

St Mark's, Magungu St James Tu
There are four churches at Magungu.  The catechists are:

  • Magungu   Cat. Yohana Njamasi
  • Gonga Chini   Cat. William Juma
  • Mambaka B   Cat. Josiah Chipanha
  • Mambaka A   Cat. Paulo Japheti

Magungu is one of the parishes taking part in Tearfund's CCMP, sponsored by St James, Tunbridge Wells from the Diocese of Rochester, UK.  The church is very vibrant and growing fast.  

The church family is collecting contributions towards a new, larger church building and, in July 2019, had made 1500 bricks and were starting to dig foundations.

In 2018 and 2019, 200 people were baptised each year.  God is good!

Rev Jim Stewart, from St James Tunbridge Wells, presenting a gift to Rev'd Ezereda Matayo in 2019

Rev Jim Stewart presenting gif

St Mark's, Magungu