Bishop Justus Vocational Secondary School, Chemba

"The best thing the Diocese can do for our young people, many of them poor, some orphans, is to offer them skills for life". 
Bishop Given Gaula

Classroom block 2019 (1)

Classroom block

Our Vision

The Vocational Secondary School will educate young people and equip them for a trade, developing skills that will generate an income.  Despite the Tanzanian Government's determination to send all young people to school, the majority finish their education after primary school, and therefore are unable to contribute to their family or village communities.

Building Project

The project involves new buildings and the use of existing Diocesan buildings in the parish of Chemba.  These will provide workshops, teaching areas and dormitories for students.  Teaching and training will be provided in carpentry, mechanics, plumbing, building and electrical work, sewing, cooking and agriculture. 

The school is being built in phases. Phase one is very nearly complete and includes two dormitories, one for boys and one for girls, two classrooms, a dining hall and assembly hall, a toilet block and a head teacher's house. Once registered, 80 students will be able to be accomodated in this phase.

Dining & Assembly Hall 2019 (1Dining room and assembly hall

House next door

Teacher's house


This ambitious project would not be possible without the support from around the world, not just financial but encourangement from visiting teams each year.

Individual funding has been received from a family from St Stephen, Whangapharoa, New Zealand and a donor from Good Samaritan Knoxville Tennessee, US.

Organisational funding has been received over four years from Poverty and Hope, the Rochester Diocese's (UK) charity - the 2016 brochure is here.  Also within the Rochester Diocese, the school is linked to Bishop Justus Church of England Secondary School in the Rochester (UK) Diocese.  Teachers and students from Bishop Justus visit every year and are always encouraged by the progress they see.
Bishop Justus 2

The Diocese of East Tennessee (US) is an ongoing major supporter and recently funded three month's valuable advice from Anita Ayers Henderlight of the Africa Education and Leadership Initiative. Please do look at the Chemba Rising Facebook page which provides all the latst information about this project from East Tennessee.
Boys & Girls Dorms 2019 (4)

Thank you so much for your prayers and please continue to pray for the success of this important initiative.