Bishop Justus Vocational School, Chemba

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"The best thing the Diocese can do for our young people, many of them poor, some orphans, is to offer them skills for life".  Bishop Given Gaula

Our Vision

The Vocational Centre seeks to equip young people in the Diocese to learn a trade and develop skills that will generate an income.  Despite the Tanzanian Government's determination to send all young people to school, the majority finish their education after primary school, and therefore are unable to contribute to their family or village communities.

Building Project

The project involves new buildings and the use of existing Diocesan buildings in the newly designated District of Chemba.  These will provide workshops, teaching areas and dormitories for students.  Teaching and training will be provided in carpentry, mechanics, plumbing, building and electrical work, sewing, cooking and agriculture. 

The CVC will be built in phases. We are very pleased to report that work has now started on phase one, which will accommodate about 80 students. There wil be two dormitories, one for boys and one for girls, two classrooms, a dining hall and toilets. This work is only possible due to the generosity of a family from St Stephen, Whangapharoa, New Zealand and a donor from Good Samaritan Knoxville Tennessee, US.

The school is linked to Bishop Justus Church of England Secondary School in the Rochester (UK) Diocese.  Teachers and students from Bishop Justus are visiting later this year and have undertaken to support one dormitory.

Please pray for us as we officially start this exciting and challenging journey on this huge project.  This is a great step of faith and your prayers are valued.

After courses lasting 6 months or 1 year, students will be able to return to their villages using their newly acquired skills to generate an income, support their families and contribute to the local economy.

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The Diocese has established a CVC Committee.  The Committee has bought 20,000 bricks and a machine to make cement bricks. There is the new building and upgrading existing ones.



This project is generously supported by a family from St Stephen, Whangapharoa, New Zealand and a donor from Good Samaritan Knoxville Tennessee, US.  Christian Aid is providing support with business planning and their local operative has advised on risk analysis and mitigation and ongoing sustainability.

The Rochester Diocese's charity Poverty and Hope has provided a contribution to the costs for the first four years.  Please see the 2016 brochure here:

The project is twinned with Bishop Justus Church of England Secondary School in Bromley, England (Diocese of Rochester).Bishop Justus 2CVC 2 320

The site boundary marker symbolises the hopes and aspirations of a confident and growing Christian community.

Below are pictures taken in July 2017. The construction of phase one has started!  Phase one includes two domitories one for girls and the other for boys; two class rooms and a dining hall large enough for six hundred students.

Thank you so much for your prayers and please continue to pray for the success of this important initiative.

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