Songolo Parish  

The Pastor is Rev Abinery Jumbe and his wife is Christina.
Rev Abnery Jumbe at Songolo Pa
Tthere are three churches in Songolo Parish:

  • Songolo   Catechist is John Athanas
  • Chioli       Catechist is Samuel Lazaro
  • Madaha   Catechisti  Yohana Said
  • Kinando  Catechisti Petro Thomas
  • Goima   Catechisti Amos Fanuel

Below is a picture of Rev. Abnery Jumbe with his Catechists
Rev Abnery Jumbe of Songoro Pa
Songolo has a congregation of 251. The Sunday school children’s service is active with average of 33 children, lead by two teachers Flora Thomas and Paul Richard.  The Mothers’ Union is lead by the pastor’s wife Christina.

The village has a type of sandy soil where maize is grown for food and sunflower is grown as a cash crop.

Enquiries concerning baptism, marriages, funerals and Sunday Services should be addressed to the Pastor.

Any correspondence should be addressed to 

Kanisa la Anglican 
Songolo Parish - Dinari ya Itolwa
Dayosisi ya Kondoa 
PO Box 7