Panguloa Parish 

The Pastor is Rev. Julius Mchiwa.  Panguloa parish has four churches, St Matthew, St Paul, St Luke and St Peter.  The Catechists are:

Mt. Mathayo   Cat. Emanuel Mwaluko
Mt. Paulo   Cat.Japhet Ndalu
Mt. Luka   Cat. Julius Yohana
Mt. Petro   Cat. Ernest Nderwa

The parish choir sing in the Pangulowa sunshine, getting ready for the Sunday service.Pangalowa church choir 320

The church family have been working hard to build their new church and were delighted to receive financial support for a new roof from the Kondoa Bishop's Fund. These photos show the work in progress.
Pangalowa church 1 320Pangalowa churchDuring the heavy rains in March 2017, everyone was devastated that their beautiful new church building had collapsed.  Bishop Given tells us: "After a long period of drought last Friday a big rain with big wind came at our very new roofed church of Pangarowa and took away a very good church! Last November and December we roofed four churches: Pangarowa, Humekwa, Kambi ya Nyasa and Masai church!  There have been tears among the Christians at Pangarowa after working hard for four years just for one hour the church has gone!  Very painful for the Christians there."Pangalowa church collapsePangalowa church collapse 1

Please speak to the pastor concerning baptism, marriage, funerals or Sunday services. 

Any correspondence should be addressed to:

Kanisa la Anglican 
Pangalowa Parish - Dinari ya Chemba 
Dayosisi ya Kondoa 
PO Box 7