Rofati Parish 

The church at Rofati is St Matthew's and the pastor is Rev Amosi Mataluma.
Rofati July 19
Tuko ndani ya jengo la kanisa

Rofati parish includes churches at Rofati, Hanaa, Mnegamba and Amani.  The catechists are:

  • Rofati   Vacant
  • Hanaa  Cat. Christina Mgutwa
  • Mnegamba   Cat. Cat. Yohana Maiko
  • Amani   (Vacant) 

The pastor and katikisti are working hard to build Christ's church in Rofati. During 2015 and 2016, three new congregations were built and there have been 340 baptisms.  In August 2016, Bishop James of Rochester and Bishop Given were delighted to confirm more than 50 people from a number of different tribes, including Maasai.
Rofati parish is linked with St Justus, Rochester, UK. The picture below shows the partnership certificate being presented to Rev Mataluma by Chemba District Commissiomer, Mr Simon Odunga in October 2018.
Amos Mataluma Chemba District

The new church being built with the support of St Justus, Rochester, UK.

Tuko ndani ya jengo la kanisa

The roof being constructed


Worshipping in open air.

Enquiries concerning baptism, marriages, funerals and Sunday Services should be addressed to the Pastor.

Any correspondence should be addressed to 

Kanisa la Anglican 
Rofati Parish - Dinari ya Makorongo
Dayosisi ya Kondoa 
PO Box 7