Kikore Parish 

The parish of Kikore lies on the northern edge of the Diocese of Kondoa and has a population mainly consisting of Wamburu, Wagogo, Masai and Wairangi tribes.

The parish is predominantly Christian and there are Anglican, Catholic, Pentecostal and Lutheran churches in the village. There are three churches in the parish, in Kikore, Mihembeti and Dachenche. The church in Kikore is small and so they are building a larger church and the church in Mihembeti is yet to be finished. There is a primary and a secondary school in the village and the church also has a kindergarten. There is a water source in the village so people are able to farm all year around and the parish is much more fertile than other parts of the Diocese. Maize, beans and sunflowers are grown as well as bananas and vegetables.

The Pastor is Shemasi Yohanna Sarme.
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Reverend Yohanna Sarme, was ordained in November 2015 and graduated from the Bible School in December, along with another student from Kikore, Esther John. Kikore 1 320Another student, Happy Joseph is currently in her second and final year at the Bible School.

Parish Twinning
Kikore Parish has been twinned with St Edmund's Church, Temple Hill, United Kingdom.  The church website is here:


Visit from Bishop James of Rochester August 2016

Bishop Given and Bishop James visited Kikore to confirm 20 people.  Bishop James was pleased to see how well the construction of the new church was coming on, partly suppported by St Edmund's church.IMG0325