Mwaikisabe Parish 

Mwaikisabe sits close to the Diocese’s southern boundary with Dodoma. The majority of the population comes from the Wagogo, Wairangi and Masai tribes and there is a large Christian population. There are three Anglican churches and a Catholic church in the parish but only one of the Anglican churches has a roof. The area is very dry and it is not unusual to find people busy collecting water and so being unable to attend church services.

Mwaikisabe has a primary school but no secondary school.

Meschak Nyerere and Mussa Joseph from Mwaikisabe are currently studying for ordination at Kondoa Bible School.

The Pastor is Reverend John Sinda.

A team of 11 people from St Augustine's Bromley in the UK visited Mwaikisabe in October 2016.  This was the first visit and very firmly established this new parish link.  The guests were made most welcome and everyone was so pleased to make this new friendship.  The photo below is of the wonderful welcome from the Mothers Union.

Mwaikisabe MU welcome

During the visit, the visitors attended the local school and met the teachers and pupils.Mwaikisabe 1  They were also delighted to visit the health centre and learn about health care in Mwaikisabe.Mwaikisabe 3
Mwaikisabe 4

The guests were pleased to be able to help move 1500-2000 bricks from the kiln and worshipped in the church and exchanged gifts.Mwaikisabe

Enquiries concerning baptism, marriage, funerals and Sunday Services should be addressed to the Pastor.  Any correspondence should be addressed to Kanisa la Anglican 

Mwailisabe Parish - Dinari ya Mwailanje
Dayosisi ya Kondoa 
PO Box 7