Mwaikisabe Parish 

The parish church is St Mark's and the Pastor and Area Dean for the Mwailaje Deanery is Rev'd John Sinda.

Mwaikisabe sits close to the Diocese’s southern boundary with Dodoma. The majority of the population comes from the Wagogo, Wairangi and Masai tribes and there is a large Christian population. There are three Anglican churches and a Catholic church in the parish. The area is very dry and it is not unusual to find people busy collecting water and so being unable to attend church services.

Mwaikisabe has a primary school but no secondary school.The parish includes the church at KaaChini and the catechist there is Cat. John Mang'hati.

The parish is linked with ST AUGUSTINE'S WITH St LUKE'S BROMLEY COMMON in the Diocese of Rochester UK.  In August 2019, Nigel and Ann Pope from St Augustine's with St Luke's, visited Mwaikisabe. Below is a picture of them with Rev John SInda and his wife Margaret.
With Pastor Sinda and Margaret
The picture below is of the Mothers Union.
Mwaikisabe MU welcome
Below is a picture of the pastor's house, which has been built in partnership with St Augustine's with St Luke's, Bromley. The house and guests rooms were completed in August 2019.  The formal opening ceremony was carried out in June 2019 by Bishop Given and Bishop James of Rochester UK.
Pastor's houseMwaikisabe (6) Moment
The parish, in partnership with the parish of St Augustine and St Luke, Bromley Common, are now working on the construction of a house for the catechist, Amani Mathias. He is shown on the right, in a white shirt, in the picture below. below. Rev Jerome Malowoko and Catech
Enquiries concerning baptism, marriage, funerals and Sunday Services should be addressed to the Pastor.

Any correspondence should be addressed to:

Kanisa la Anglican 
Mwailisabe Parish - Dinari ya Mwailanje
Dayosisi ya Kondoa 
PO Box 7