Request from St Peter and St Paul Tonbridge for support with the Kondoa kindergarten project

This kindergarten project is being built in partnership with the Church of the Good Shepherd, the Kondoa Parish Church and the Cathedral.

This is a long-term project and vision initiated by the church of the Good Shepherd with a good team of committed workers from the congregation behind it as well as full support and enthusiasm from Bishop Given and town councillors.

St Peter & St Paul Tonbridge have been involved with the project for the last four years and would welcome any enquiries about how to get involved with this project.  There are plenty of exciting plans ahead...two more classroom blocks, toilets, offices, staff room, school equipment, teachers...

The town is very excited that this will be the first education establishment with the church at the centre, yet open to all faiths and English speaking.  We would really welcome more support to join us on this journey with our brothers and sisters in Kondoa.  

One delightful offshoot is that our youth at church have caught the vision and we are taking our first group of teenagers out to visit this summer.   The younger children are supporting the older children to fund raise and they can see a number of years ahead when they can be involved with visiting the kindergarten itself on visits/gap years - just to name a few ideas they are coming up with!

A wonderful opportunity to encourage the next generation in their faith journey and transform young lives.

Further information is available here: /Articles/473652/A_new_kindergarten.aspx or please do contact Hilary for a chat: