What is the Anglican Diocese of Kondoa? 

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This is a useful question to ask if you are new and not sure what a diocese is.

The word 'Anglican' is related to the Church of England and those Churches in communion with it. The Church of England is in the United Kingdom. The Supreme Governor is the Sovereign Queen and it's Spiritual Head is the Archbishop of Canterbury. Every other diocese across the UK and the global Anglican Communion looks to the Archbishop of Canterbury as its spiritual and visible head. The Most Reverend Justin Welby is the current Archbishop of Canterbury and is considered by all other diocesan bishops to be 'first among equals'. The Diocese of Kondoa is in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury and also the Anglican Province of Tanzania.

The Anglican Diocese of Kondoa is a designated area of land that has a number of Anglican parishes staffed by clergy and lay ministers under one bishop. The Bishop has his own parish Church known as the 'Mother Church' or Cathedral where he invites all his clergy and many of the lay faithful to celebrate services or listen to him teach and preach.

The diocese of Kondoa covers the district areas of Kondoa and Chemba under the region of Dodoma. To learn more about the history of the Diocese and the area it covers please go to Our History.