Sanzawa Parish 

St Philip's, Sanzawa

The parish church is St Philip's and the Pastor is Rev Emmanuel Eliya.

Sanzawa parish includes six churches. Their catechists are:

  • Sanzawa   Cat. Daniel Mundo
  • Mbuyuni   Cat. Daudi Joseph
  • Chilejeho   Cat. Robert Matebe
  • Tendelina (vacant)
  • St Philip   Cat. Rahel Hezron
  • Mbande   Cat. Paulo

Enquiries concerning baptism, marriages, funerals and Sunday Services should be addressed to the Pastor.

Any correspondence should be addressed to 

Kanisa la Anglican 
Sanzawa Parish - Dinari ya Mpendo
Dayosisi ya Kondoa 
PO Box 7 

The pictures below show the beekeeping project being managed in Sanzawa for the Diocese.
Sanzawa beekeeping projectSanzawa beekeeping projecta