Kondoa Bible College

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you”
Matthew 28: 19


The Bible College is registered with the Anglican Provincial Examining Body and offers a three year course which leads to a Certificate in Theology and a two year course for evangelists and catechists.

Why does Kondoa have its own Bible College?

The Bible College is the cornerstone of the Diocesan strategy because:

  • Clergy retention: Clergy have previously been sent to colleges in neighbouring dioceses such as St Philips, Mpwapwa and Msalato, Dodoma but life in these areas is considerably more comfortable than in Kondoa and often they have not returned after their training.
  • Islamic context: The Bible College provides specific modules on Islam and equips students for evangelism to their local community.  For this reason, the College attracts students from other Dioceses working in Islamic areas too.
  • Women clergy: Bishop Given’s wife, Rev’d Lilian Gaula was the first woman to be ordained in Tanzania.  We were proud to ordain the first four women in 2019.  By providing education in their home diocese, women are encouraged to come forward, even when they have children.  Our investment in women is a powerful Christian witness in a community where women usually have a lowly position and are often one of many wives.

Ordination service (25)Graduation of Kondoa Bible College Students July 2020

Theo College graduation 190720

History of the Bible College

The Bible College was led for the two years from 2013 - 2015 by New Zealand CMS Mission Partners, Rev’d. Iri and Kate Mato, who had previously served for seven years at Msalato Theological College in Dodoma. 
Peter and Chris Akester, also from New Zealand CMS, led the College from September 2015 to August 2018, having previously served with NZCMS from 1979-1998 in Dodoma too.

How the College is funded

Over the past six years several individuals and organisations have supported the College and we are deeply grateful for their contribution to its growth and success. They include: CMS New Zealand and Africa; Barnabas Trust; Individuals and parishes from Diocese of Rochester, UK; Medical Mission Aid (Australia) - students’ medical costs; Sovereign World Trust and Church of the Word, Gainesville, Virginia – books and resources
The College raises funds by hiring out College facilities and encouraging students to bring their own contributions of maize, beans, rice and/or money whenever possible.

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Individual sponsors are being sought for students.  For further details please contact Sue Chalkley at kondoa.cdsg@gmail.com.

Kondoa Bible College Football team

No Bible College can be without a competitive and succesful football team.  The College is as driven in the classroom as it is on the field.

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