The Kondoa Bible College

The Bible College offers two courses in bible studies. It serves as an excellent opportunity to improve biblical literacy and understanding.


The Bishop's Vision
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The Bible School is a key element of the Bishop’s strategy to build the Diocese.  The Bishop has a great vision for the Kondoa Diocese but faces many difficulties such as building a financially sustainable diocesan structure, building the Christian church in a predominantly Muslim community and shepherding his flock in an extremely deprived area with low educational standards, food shortages, poor health care and a range of other daily struggles.

Educational attainment in the District is the lowest in Tanzania. Clergy in the diocese have great aspirations to improve the learning of their congregations while improving their own. The clergy are striving to raise their educational standards beyond standard 7 (first year of secondary school).  This work to improve the educational standards of the clergy is critical to building the capacity and resilience of the Diocese.

History of the Bible College

The Bible College was led for the two years from 2013 - 2015 by New Zealand CMS Mission Partners, Rev’d. Iri and Kate Mato.  They had previously served for seven years at Msalato Theological College in Dodoma, Tanzania.  Iri and Kate worked with Bishop Gaula to introduce a Two Year Certificate in Theology, which provided students with the opportunity to study for a Diploma in Theology studies at Msalato, St Philips or Carlile College, Nairobi.  

Staff Team

Rev'd Lilian Gaula supports the teaching team.  She has a Dip Th, St Philip's Theological College, Kongwa, Tanzania, a BA from Gloucestershire University and an MA from Trinity USA.  

Peter and Chris Akester, also from New Zealand CMS, have led the College since September 2015.  They served with NZCMS from 1979-1998 in Dodoma, Tanzania. A visit to Kondoa rejuvenated their passion and vision, exciting them about the opportunities to serve God in the region.  Peter has taken on the role of Principal, focusing particularly on mentoring a local Tanzanian to take charge eventually. Christine will teach some Biblical subjects and English language at the college as well as supporting the Women’s Empowerment Project.

Funders and costs of courses
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Initially the college offered a two year course which was fully funded by the Barnabas Fund. Now the college offers two courses: a two year course and a three year course. The three year course has been funded 50:50 by the Barnabas Fund and a generous donor from the Rochester Diocese.

Kondoa Diocese is very grateful for all the support that it receives for the vital work of educating the clergy team, especially :   

  • Diocese of Rochester funds – 
    • literacy classes for men and women  
    • training equipment such as projector and donated theological books
  • CMS (New Zealand) funds – 
    • the Head of the Bible College (50%)
    • four students at Msalato Theological College, Dodoma
  • KBS 7 320The Barnabas Fund funds the three year course (50%)
  • MMA funding (Australia) funds – medical care for students
  • Carlile College, Nairobi funds – scholarships 100% one student and 75% one student
  • H and W Williams Trust (New Zealand) funds - one student at Carlile College and contributes towards salary of one staff member
  • Private donors fund – 
    • the Head of the Bible College (50%)
    • two students at St Philips, Kongwa
    • the three year course (50%)
Student Requirements

Students are encouraged to help with their costs by contributing maize, beans, rice and/or money. This often requires them to work the fields. They do so happily knowing that it will help the community at the college.

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Individual sponsors are being sought for students on the two year course at £750 per year.  For further details please contact Sue Chalkley at

KBS Football team

No Bible School can be without a competitive and succesful football team. KBS is as driven in the classroom as it is on the field.


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