Severe flooding in the east of the Diocese


18 January 2018

There has been heavy flooding in the east of the Diocese, in particular in Mrijo parish, within the Itolwa Deanery.  This was caused by heavy rain which started in the night and continued for many hours into the following day.  The flooding spread to the lower parts of Mrijo Chini village.

The road to the neighbouring region of Kiteto to the east is impassable. Many houses and buildings were affected and damaged. Our Church and Vicarage were both flooded. the extent of the floods is exceptional and the Government has ordered people to evacuate and not return.  Those evacuated will now have to find new land on which to build their homes and this will include our church and vicarage.

Bishop Given says:

"We have had much rain,  In Kondoa  no death have been reported so far, but other parts of Dodoma four people have died. For us as a Diocese we are very much affected in Itolwa, Mrijo, Changamka, Mwaikisabe, Wisuzaje and Mwailanje! Many people have lost their houses and other properties.

Please pray for our people at this time. We need rain but the proper rain!"

Please pray for all affected by the floods, for God's protection while they are trying to set up new homes, for their livestock and crops, for their good health and for them to be able to re-build their lives soon.  Please pray too for the government to take speedy action to help people, especially those in need of emergency food and shelter. May God bless all involved and especially the Diocese as it works to support its clergy and church members.
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