Bereko Deanery Seminar 

Bishop Given Gaula visted Bereko and led a seminar for all leaders of Bereko deanery over the three dasy from Friday 1 April to Sunday 3 April 2016.   This deanery includes five parishes with four pastors: Rev. Richard Suki from Bereko, Rev. Yohana Sarme from Kikore, Rev. Samuel Enock frpm Kisaki parish and Rev. Humay from Mkekena and Sakami parish.20160401161201resized

The seminar was held in Kikore parish and the key subject was Church leadership.  Others from outside the deanery were welcomed too.  Rev'd Moses Kasichi taught about the task of Evangelism and mission and how Satan changes tactics to stop good news. The Mothers Union coordinator reminded people of the mothers' and children's ministry and also taught about giving property as well as money.20160401170543resized

Overall the event provided a good time to meet with different people including the Pastors.20160402144921resized20160401170532resized20160402144909resized