Thank you to all our friends at this time of hunger 

The past two weeks have shown us the true meaning of love in action.  We asked for your prayers for the many people who are hungry in the villages now and have been enormously encouraged by the very generous donations from our friends at Christ Community Church in the US and the many churches and individuals in the Rochester Diocese.  

The work to distribute food started last weekend and is being managed by a Hunger Committee.  The distribution started in the east zone and Pangalowa, where there have been stories of people eating forest roots which are poisonous and some have lost their lives as a result.

The Bishop said: "Indeed for us the distribution for food will be for people without discrimination of one's faith both Christian, Muslims and pagans will be give help. LOVE does not discriminate, LOVE gives, LOVE desire to bring change, LOVE embraces all!  So giving all the need without discrimination is part of our Christian witness to the world.  You have given sacrificially so that good news to the poorest can be proclaimed through the act of LOVE"

"A big thank you for this unbelievable result. People have given sacrificial beyond  means! We do not have enough language to offer to them. God bless them so much”.
We hope to be able to post photos and further news over the coming weeks.  The good news is that the crops are growing well and we expect a good harvest from March onwards

Please do continue praying.  There is still much work to do.

20 February 2016

A service to formally open the new Kondoa Cathedral and to mark 10 years of Bishop Given's ministry in Kondoa
I will forever remember my journey to Tanzania, in particular Kondoa, and the warmth and generosity of its people.
A deanery seminar April 2016
Reverend Lilian, wife of Bishop Given, took part in the Bishops' wives retreat.