Diocesan Mothers' Union Conference at Kikore

MU Conference Kikore 13 Set 20

Above, Rev'd Lilian Gaula, Chair of the Kondoa Diocese Mother's Union (mid right) and Eva Suki (mid left).

Please click on the picture below for a short video showing dancing from Wairaqw women.
Mothers Union conference Kikor

From Bishop Given: I am writing from Kikore where we are closing Mothers Union Conference of the Diocese. There so many women here, about 600 from many parishes. It has been a big revival among the women.

We have never done a conference in the north as it is regarded as the most dominant Islamic zone. We normally do evangelism in silence but this time there have been great awakening.

Muslims have welcomed our women into their houses and are coming to the conference to hear the word of God. Seed have been planted!  They are asking our women to return next year!

I think the freedom we have in Christ is touching many Muslim women! Our Mothers Union department through the Women's Empowerment Project is the most active department in the Diocese. Our women are most active in the Church and are making the church to be alived in Kondoa!

Bishop Given dancing with the Mothers' Union choirs

MU Conference Kikore 13 Set 20

More pictures from the conference
MU Conference Kikore 13 Set 20MU Conference Kikore 13 Set 20MU Conference Kikore 13 Set 20MU Conference Kikore 13 Set 20