Message from Bishop Given 

We cannot thank you all enough for the funds that were raised last year in the Drought Appeal.  With your money, we were able to feed 167 families of pastors, katikistis, evangelists and other desperate people.  At an average of seven people per family, this means we helped to feed about 1,169 people with food for three to four months, depending on the size of the family.

This help also provided them with food during the farming season, so that rather than working on other people's farms, they would farm into their own farm and have their own food for this year.
We also purchased seed grain for the families, including drought resistant seed (in partnership with Christchurch, Orpington).  It has worked very well, for example last Sunday I looked at Pastor Kayongoya's farm in Mpendo.  It is promising that this year he will have good harvest since the drought resistant seed has proved excellent. And many pastors are telling me the same story. This year God willing people will have good harvest.
We sent three pastors to Kenya on an agricultural course and when they returned to Kondoa, they ran a seminar for other clergy on what they had learned, so that everyone could improve their agricultural practices.
And all this has happened because of the people of Rochester support to their brothers and sisters in Kondoa. You have been in solidarity with our people at this difficulty time!
Thank you so much for showing your faith in action. You have shared the gospel with us in a practical way.

Bishop Given
February 2016



A service to formally open the new Kondoa Cathedral and to mark 10 years of Bishop Given's ministry in Kondoa
I will forever remember my journey to Tanzania, in particular Kondoa, and the warmth and generosity of its people.
A deanery seminar April 2016