Two prayer requests for March 2017

The drought that has affected much of east Africa has hit hard in Kondoa this year. The November to January rains didn’t come and everything has been very dry. There has not been enough water for livestock and many animals have died.  This has impacted on incomes and this combined with the ‘middling’ harvest last year and dramatically increasing food prices has led to a horrible repeat of last year’s hunger situation.  In the past weeks, there has been some steady rain which is wonderful news, it brings hope and will provide food and water for animals.  

Bishop Given says:

“We praise God that on Saturday we received some rain in many parts of Diocese! And now many people are planting crops! We encourage people to plant resistance drought seeds! I know some are worried if real the rain will continue as it is not planting season! We encourage people to plant as one may not know if climate change can affect our planting season too! Most people planted their seed the end of November and some of them do not know what to plant at the moment! On my part I have been like crazy person calling many people around the diocese to ask them if the rain which came last Saturday covered the whole diocese! It seems to me it covered a huge area in the diocese and many of them are planting! Pray that it will continue! And also that people will have to seed to replant their crops! Because by now I am not sure if people will still have seeds to plant because it might be another case for us!

We are also asked to pray for the church family in Pangalowa.  Bishop Given tells us:

“After a long period of drought last Friday a big rain with big wind came at our very new roofed church of Pangarowa and took away a very good church! Last November and December we roofed four churches: Pangarowa, Humekwa, Kambi ya Nyasa and Masai church!

There have been tears among the Christians at Pangarowa after working hard for four years just for one hour the church has gone! Very painful for the Christians there! Bishop James knows very well the church. He made confirmation last time under the tree when he came and prayed for God to provide the fund needed to roof their church and God did! But in one hour the church has gone! painful indeed for these poorest Christians! Went there to encourage them! Please kindly pray for Pangarowa christians. I helped them with fund from our friends!”

Further information is here: /Articles/446483/Pangalowa_Parish.aspx

People will be hungry until May at least.  Please pray for them and for God to provide, for good rain (not too much), for seeds to plant and for the rain that is falling now to continue until the end of April. Thank you.