Prayer needs July 2019

Please join us in praying for the Kondoa Diocesan Council on 16 July 2019.   It has a big agenda, including changes in pastor’s placements.  Please pray for wisdom and understanding as the Council makes these decisions, which will have many consequences for the clergy and the parishes.  May God’s will be done.

Pray for God's provision for food for many of the pastors whose crops have failed in the drought this year. 

Pray for the Theological College, 53 students will be coming back on 3 August for the next academic year but this year is not yet funded.  A generous donor has sent funds for food for the first month but there will be a need for more food as well as all the other costs. 

It is likley that there will be appeals soon for food for the clergy and costs of the Theolgical College.  Please pray for these appeals.

Please continue to pray for Bishop Given’s mother who is still very unwell and for the Bishop and his family as they look after her.