Prayer requests July 2020

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Bishop Given started his confirmation rounds on Thursday 2 July 2020, starting in Mpendo Deanery to the south west of the Diocese.  These visitsis 'season' will take four months to complete. The Bishop hopes to use this time to bring the Docese together, after the three months of lockdown and seperation due to the Covid-19 virus.

In Maziwa parish, the Bishop confirmed a 90 year old man, his seven wives and their family.  The Bishop takes a practical view about welcoming men with many wives to faith in Christ – they should not take any more wives and others in the family, as Christians, will in future have monogamous marriages.

Please continue to remember Rev Ezereda, the Maziwa Pastor, in your prayers.  She works so hard and is leading many people to faith, but she is also still grieving the sudden death of her husband in March.  You may remember the great difficulty the Bishop had in getting to Rev Ezereda to collect her husband’s body during the floods.
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Just within the Mpendo Deanery, the Bishop has confirmed 487 people in seven parishes. Thanks be to God!

Do enjoy this video of the Maziwa choir worshipping!

Please pray too for the Theological College students who will be graduating on 19 July.  They returned to the College on 1 June and are now completing their studies.  They will go into ministry in August and then, from 15 August, a new intake is planned provided there are sufficient funds.

Please do consider whether you can provide financial support for the College, so that as the Bishop says: 'we can produce well formed spiritual and equipped ministers in the church. These are godly people who will transform our diocese!
Covid-19 update
The President has lifted the Covid-19 restrictions and life is now returning to normal.   The message is that the country is free of the virus and this is reassuring many people who had been scared and confused.  No data about the virus has been released for two months now and this is now causing worry for some.

As the country moves towards the General Election this October, can we please pray for the President and the government as they lead the country, to have the compassion, wisdom and courage to deal with this situation the best way and to protect their people?