Prayer requests July 2021 

New Cathedral building
Progress on the building is truly remarkable, it is already at first floor level!   There is a video on the New Cathedral  page here, which shows the building in May.  This was filmed during a visit from Rev Canon Grace Mbise, Diocesan Evangelism Coordinator from the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Dodoma (Diocese of Central Tanganyika).  The visit was to discuss a harvest outreach activity in September and a fundraising event for the Cathedral. 
The fundraising event is taking place later this month and the guest of honour will be the Minister of Transport, Road, Infrastructure and Communication.
Bishop Given is thrilled with progress to date!
I thought the building will take five to ten years to finish! It is a massive church building and very unique in Kondoa Town. I hope and trust God will provide for us to finish if not in November even next year when we celebrate our ten years universally of our mission work of servanthood in this missionary Diocese! 
My faith has increased to another step that to God nothing is impossible!”
Covid 19
There is sad and good news about Covid 19. 
Regarding Covid19 here in Tanzania. The situation is very serious and the government now has admitted and is taking the situation seriously. Now we cannot travel, you only travel if necessary and you need to have masks. We are encouraged to stay home.
On Friday the government announced our third wave of Covid19 and the president spoke from her heart about the bad situation of Covid19 and that people are dying and it is not a joke. 
You know before this president the later Magufuli people when they died from Covid19, they were saying they had heart failure but this time they are saying they died from Covid19. It is now open. And indeed people are dying!
We are now praying for the vaccination to come as the government has allowed it to come! Please pray for us so that we too can have the vaccination. This will save the lives of so many people who are now dying!
Bible College
From Bishop Given today:
Our Bible College hope to be opened the first week of August. We asking prayer for our students who need support for their tuition fee. Please kindly circulate request for our students support we need to pay our staff stipends.  And we do not have fund to support them. We need to those who contributed last year. Some supported two students, some one student. Please we ask our friends to support our students' fee for 2021/22”.
Confirmation services
Bishop Given has now started the annual round of confirmation services.  Last week he confirmed 67 people in Makorongo Deanery.  Thanks be to God!
Diocesan Youth Conference this week
This is being held this week from Wednesday 13th to Sunday 18th July.  
Mothers' Union Conference in the Diocese of Western Tanganyika
Lilian has been invited to lead this Conference in Kigoma, far away in the north west of the country, on the north east shore of Lake Tanganyika.  She will be accompanied by Sarah, the Mother's Union Coordinator.  Please pray for safe travels for them both as well as a good time at the conference.