Prayer request August 2021 

Please pray for the Bible College as the new academic year starts.   Students will be returning from the villages to continue studies and new students will have left their spouses and children to study.  They may well not now see them again until the end of term when they will be able to return home.  Please can we pray for the teachers, for the students and for the resources to be able to feed all involved and pay the teachers and other staff such as the cooks.
Bishop Given says: ‘This week our Bible College will be opened. Please would you kindly write to our friends especial those who have heart for our Bible College and who have supported the training of our future leaders to consider supporting our students fee. I know previously that friends have helped paying fee for our students and this has helped so much the college to survive. Currently we need fee to pay our stipend for our teachers and other staff and this is a desperate need at the moment.’
The Ordination service on 12 July, for students that graduated from the college this year, went very well.  Afterwards, some of the newly ordained Pastors and their families visited the new Cathedral building. Many have donated their Tsh 30,000 to support this work for the glory of God in Kondoa.  Bishop Given  said: ‘Some of them after seeing the building were overjoyed and shed tears! They didn't believe! God is good!’  Please pray for all the new Pastors, that God will continue to guide and protect them and that he will bless all their work in his service over the coming years. 
Ordination service 120721
 Ordination service 120721
The next big task for the Cathedral is to roof the building and you can see that this will not be a simple task as the roof is complicated.  The cost of this work is Tsh 14,000,000.  Bishop Given is planning a fund raising event with the support of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika.  This Cathedral is being built on the newly tarmacked Cape Town to Cairo road and will be a prominent witness to God in this Muslim community.  It means a huge amount to all in the Diocese and the progress being made is already a real encouragement.

There are more pictures of the Cathedral showing different aspects HERE.