Prayer requests June 2022

Please find below news and issues for us to pray for.  As always life in Kondoa is busy with much going on.

Over the coming few weeks, Bishop Given will be carrying out his confirmation visits to the parishes, then in July, he and Lilian travel to the UK.  The first three days will be attending the Inaugural Meeting of the Commission on Evangelism and Discipleship, a new Commission of the Anglican Communion.  After that they will attend the Lambeth conference and then spend two weeks with friends in Rochester Diocese.  Please pray for safe travels for them both over the coming months, for their good health and energy levels to be sustained.

Please also pray for God to continue to bless and encourage all the clergy as they prepare for the Bishop’s visits and carry out their everyday work in the parishes in very hard circumstances.  This is a particular struggle this year as the rains have been poor and crops have failed.  This comes with the increasing prices of food and other essentials that the world is facing following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, of course much more acutely felt in poorer communities.

Thanks to God for the support from the Diocese of Central Tanganyika who sent 50 people to Changamka Parish for an Easter outreach, especially for the Masai of Machiga.
Pictures below:

Easter outreach, Masai of MachEaster outreach, Masai of MachEaster outreach, Masai of MachEaster outreach, Masai of MachRev John SindaEaster outreach, Masai of Mach