Hunger situation September 2022 

Please pray for the drought and hunger situation across Kondoa and also much of East Africa.  

Bishop Given says: 

The hunger situation is very bad! Most people here in Kondoa if they can afford they eat once a day. Eating at 3pm until tomorrow at 3pm. Children are going to school without eating anything since they eat yesterday at 3pm.

We have been distributing food to the elderly who suffer for hunger and have no any means. We give the food without any discrimination of one's religion. The Church has shown the example of Good Samaritan. Helping a victim of other ethnic group of tribe and religion.

Please click on the pictures below to see videos of elderly people who received food this month from Kondoa.  They are thanking God and thanking Bishop Given for the food provided by the church.
Hunger appeal video 14 Sept 22Hunger appeal video 14 Sept 22