Our new cathedral: the Cathedral of St Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles

The newly ordained clergy and their families visit the Cathedral building on 11 July 20221
Visit from Canon Mbisi, Evangelism Coordinator, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Dodoma
A video of Bishop Given surveying progress on the building work January 2021
Every pastor commits to helping with the construction of the new Cathedral

Front elevation
We are very excited about being able to start the construction of our new Cathedral, which we have named after St Paul, the apostle to the gentiles. . 

The building is on Diocesan land, adjacent to our PRIMARY SCHOOL and on the main road, just south of Kondoa. The road has recently been tarmacked, it goes from the north to the south of the country and ultimately will link Cape Town to Cairo.  Our Cathedral will provide a wonderful witness to Christ to all travellers as well as ourselves.

The building will provide much needed additional worship space. It is much larger than our current Cathedral, the Church of the Good Shepherd, which will remain the parish church for Kondoa Town. The building will have two stories, so providing even more room.

We would not have been able to start without support from the DIOCESE OF EAST TENNESSEE and we thank God for our companionship link with them.

Right elevation

Right elevation

Construction timeline

These pictures show our progress, from the day that Bishop Given blessed the site.
Dedication ceremony for the caFoundation construction of theFoundation construction of theFoundation construction of theFoundation construction of the